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Employment Law is a young, particularly volatile area of the law.  It changes frequently as the Supreme Court and other Courts of Appeal make rulings that further clarify elements of the employment laws.  The only way to understand your rights and obligations under these laws is to keep informed and updated or to know someone who can do it for you.

If You're An Employer

You need a plan to prevent costly, time-consuming, reputation damaging, emotionally draining claims of discrimination and harassment. CLICK HERE, to find out what you can do to protect yourself and your company, while increasing employee morale and loyalty.

If You're An Employee

No one wants problems on the job, but what can you do if you have one? CLICK HERE, to find out about your rights and the procedure for protecting (and fighting for) those rights.

If You Want to Sue Someone Else

If you have a claim for: Personal Injury, Product Liability, Professional Malpractice, Breach of Contract ... We can help you!  CLICK HERE for more information, or call or e-mail us to explore what we can do for you, to protect your rights, and get you your share of JUSTICE.

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DISCLAIMER: This website is intended to give general information on a very complicated area of the law.  None of the information in this website is to be construed as legal advice; it is for informational purposes only.  No information provided in this website, or communications made over its affiliated e-mail address, is to be considered as having created an attorney-client relationship. The materials provided in this website provide summaries only.  Employment law cases are very fact-intensive and fact-sensitive.  An evaluation of an actual case requires an extensive discussion of the specific facts and a thorough evaluation based on those facts and the applicable law.